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As Packaging has evolved over the years so have customers needs. Purpose built equipment is employed to fully recondition used containers.

This includes the removal and treatment of a wide range of residual products. This is followed by chemical cleaning, drying and leak testing of the package with stringent inspection at key times.

Our operations are registered to ISO9001 since 1991 and National Quality Assurance Certificate 319. This applies to plastic drums, steel drums and IBC's

We also hold certification to supply UN approved packaging for the transportation of dangerous goods.

Containers that are not suitable for reconditioning can still be recycled. All drums and IBC's received are cleaned, then destroyed by the most appropriate means - including shredding, crushing or granulation.

The materials are then separated and streamed for the most effective means of recovery and subsequent recycling into secondary raw materials.

Our specialized used container collection service is available throughout the UK. As registered waste carriers we always provide the required waste transfer notes for each load collected.

Our service also includes the recovery of our customers own containers intended for reconditioning and subsequent re-use

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Suppliers of new and reconditioned Drums & IBC's

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