Our Company Policies

M&N Containers Limited is committed to ensuring the effective management of our activities with the potential to affect the environment by:

  • Being aware of how our activities and operations impact upon the environment and is committed to complying with relevant environmental legislation and regulations and to other requirements to which the organization subscribes.

  • Continual improvement of its environmental performance by building environmental considerations into its decision making processes and methods of operation, to minimize environmental impact and prevent pollution.

  • Setting and publishing a clear set of environmental objectives and targets to ensure continual improvement in its environmental performance and to monitor results to ensure that targets are met.

  • Ensuring that all of our operations and activities, giving rise to significant environmental effects at all sites are covered by this policy and that the policy is implemented, maintained and communicated to all employees.

  • Communicating this policy and the environmental objectives to its customers and the general public.

  • Commitment to the introduction of ISO 14001 as a formal system for the management of environmental matters. This policy will be reviewed at least annually.


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